Finalists Announced For Prize To Reduce Energy Needed to Provide Water

Imagine H2O is running a great competition for startups that will reduce the amount of energy needed to move and treat water and waste water.  Dealing with energy and water issues in an interconnected way is vital to solving problems in both areas.  During congressional testimony last year on the nexus of energy and water it was noted that “nationwide, water and wastewater treatment and distribution combined require about 3% of the nation’s electricity. In California, where water is moved hundreds of miles across two mountain ranges, water is responsible for approximately 15% of the state’s total electricity consumption.” Conversely, because of the water required for the production of electricity, “Most Americans do not realize that they use more water turning on lights and running appliances each day than they do directly through washing their clothes and watering their lawns.”

Winners of the prize will receive $100,000 in cash, business and legal support, and access to a network of partners, customers and financiers to help bring their ideas to market. The organization recently announced the finalists for the 2010 prize. They are as follows:

Agua Via develops a 1-atomic layer thick nanotech membrane that enables desalination at a 66% energy reduction and 50% cost reduction, providing energy-efficient purification and wastewater remediation.

BlackGold Biofuels – Recovers energy from wastewater streams, creating lucrative renewable energy assets from pollution liabilities.

FogBusters Inc. – Treats petroleum, biofuel and food processing wastewater “better, faster, cheaper, cleaner and greener” while capturing the FOG (fat, oil and grease) to make into biodiesel.

Hydrovolts – Makes portable floating turbines that make renewable energy and clean water from an untapped global resource of hydrokinetic energy in water canals.

mOasis (no website publicly available yet) – Harnesses water on any land in the world so that plants grow and the planet can restore its ability to sustain life.

NLine Energy, Inc. – Converts wasted energy found in water transmission and distribution systems into renewable energy.

Pilus Energy – Harnesses genetically enhanced bacteria in scalable electrogenic bioreactor and harvests the electricity and biogases from their metabolism of organics like those found in wastewater.

Puralytics – Solves critical water contamination problems with environmentally superior products.

Solar-Machines – Innovative, non-PV based technology directly and efficiently converts solar energy into mechanical work for water pumping applications.

Water Resources Management Co. (WRMC) – Helps water utilities realize the full benefits of their investments in advanced meter reading, system control and asset management.


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